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Artists in Residence

 Residence program is trans-disciplinary laboratory for artist with the  idea to provide time for creativity work in a stimulating environment.

The organization encourages independent art research by individuals who would like to re-defining and re-visioning the relationship between Art and Nature and seek for answers of the question of whether artists may affect social change - art works use creative vision to highlight the ways in which we see the Nature, psychologically, philosophically.

Our Residency Program is suited for all kinds of creative thinkers: artists, writers, curators, cultural managers, and academics. Through the Residency Program, residents are provided with the opportunity to develop their individual projects and are free in selection of the media. They have possibily however, to present and discuss publicly the project they would realize while with us. 


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Additional options

Familiarization with the natural areas and cultural spots in Russe region as well as introduction to Russe community

Access to professional information and observation of various natural resources such as – Bird watchingBat watching ect in other parts of the country – the protected areas under the auspices of BSPB – “Poda” (The Lakes of Bourgas) and “Madjarovo” (the Eastern Rhodope Mountain Range)

Realization and public presentation of artistic projects in alternative spaces such as the National Natural Museum in Sofia, the Ornithology Center  - Nisovo in the park “Lom River - Russe”; the “Sreburna”. Center as well as for cross-disciplinary communication and exchange between artists and researchers from the “Max Plank” Institute in the research station of the institute (that we manage) in the village of Tabachka near the city of Russe


Covered by Culture & Energy Programe

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Working Spaces and Accomodation:

Villige Shtraklevo:

Residential place for solitude and concentration, situated in the organization’s house in Shtraklevo village offers:

-          Two private small apartments: live-work spaces, with kitchenette and bathroom

-          Garden and barbecue area

-          Organized transport for residents: provided car; bicycle, motor bike or public transport

      -  Private live-work space, with kitchenette and bathroom


Computers, printers, scanner, multimedia projector, laser, sound system, easels, framing and painting supply, WiFi


Recently Resided Artists:

Anna Roberta Vattes, Germany

Nicolai Schorr, Germany

Julius Schimitt, Germany

Elizabeth Bryer, Australia

Percy Cáceres Manrique, Peru