Culture & Energy

Non-Government Organization

Specific Resources

The natural characteristics of our region

Natural Park “Lom River - Ruse” – with its variety of rare and protected species of plants and animals; the specific landscape; the Natural Preserve “Sreburna” under the protection of UNESCO; various  Wetlands zones along the Danube River

Village of Shtruklevo

Perfect location - on the edge of the Natural Preserve “Lom River - Ruse” and at the same time it’s in the surroundings of Ruse town and about 70 km of Bucharest

The international symposium for contemporary art “Lomea

A forum for participation of the resident artists, which was first, organized in 2000 under the title of “Eco Art”. This is already traditional event, organized by the Park “Rusenski Lom” and it has welcomed authors from Austria, Belgium, Korea, Macedonia, Serbia, USA, Japan and others.


Our Partners:

Environmental and research organizations:

National Natural Museum in Sofia,  Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), Association for Bat Research, Park “Rusenski Lom”, Regional Inspection for the Environmental Protection,  “Max Plank” Institute for Ornithology – Germany  

Municipal institutions of culture in Ruse:

For visual Arts :

The Municipal Art Gallery, Ruse; Regional Museum of History-Ruse

For film, music, theater and literature:

 The International Society “Elias Canetti”, the Club of Cultural Workers in the city, Regional Library